Play with your pets!

About 50% of North American homes own some sort of a pet with dogs being the most popular out there. Did you know that you dont have to join fitness classes to keep fit….many companies in Canada have come up with fitness games/sports for you to play with your dog.

This not only burns your pets energy keeping him calm but also keeps you fit. We all know that the regular walks can get boring…so try out Petplax and see what pet accessories have they got to offer in Canada so that you can spend quality time with your pet and at the same time get yourself fit.

Athlete Health and Therapy

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Professional athletes, weekend warriors, runners, triathletes, swimmers, etc what do they all have in common? All of these are athletes who strive to perform to the best of there capabilities. It is common when athletes are pushing to train harder and constantly improve, sometimes they might push your body too hard. As a result of this, you get pain and injury.

I want to talk about a concept called adaptation. Many people will do to much too quickly. This is the most common cause of injury whether it be acute or chronic. Instead of slowly increasing the volume of activity one is performing, most people go from 0-100. What I mean by that is athletes sometimes do not allow themselves to build up and steadily increase there volume of activity,  they will just dive right in and without properly building stamina up. As a result your body does not have enough time to adapt to the change and as a result you get pain. An example of this is  a runner train gin for a marathon. Instead of doing a run-walk program, they will just try to run as long as they can, pushing through pain if they have too. You must gradually increase our volume of train gin, this is referred to as adaptation. Adaptation is the cornerstone in having a long lasting athletic career with minimal injury.
Something else people need to consider is getting a local Chiropractor Calgary NW to maintain there body and improve there athletic performance. Athletes need to take care of there body. Your body is no different than a machine, so the harder you drive that machine the more you have to maintain it. Having active release, Graston, exercise rehab, IMS, Dry needling, joint mobilizations, acupuncture are all methods to help you perform better and push your body past its physiological limitations.

To put what I am saying into perspective,  I have dealt with world class sprinters.  Analyzing there biomechanics during there training we would be able to see what is restricting there speed. Commonly there would be tight muscles that we would do some hands on therapy to loosen up. The result is a more fluid sprint with improved biomechanics, Improved biomechanics means faster times.
Nutrition is another important aspect when dealing with athletes. Having a healthy well balanced diet is very important to help you recuperate from muscle soreness and fuel your body to build more muscles to help you continually improve your performance.
Overall adaptation, regular muscle and joint work, and nutrition are the  keys to maintaining your health and continually improving a long career in sport.

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